Winning Truth Ministries
Monday, October 25, 2021
As Pastors we have a unique understanding of ministry and ministry needs. We approach each church/ministry from the view of a Pastor, with a Pastors heart, knowing that each situation is different. 

The Ekklesia essentials leadership team is second to none in the number of churches that our team members have successfully partnered with. Our reputation is known from the days when we operated as Eklund Stewardship. Our standard of excellence and ministry made this team the most sought out coaches in America. Today, operating under the new name Ekklesia Essentials, you will find this same standard. Our team are active Pastors and servants. We have walked the walk. We live ministry every day. As a Pastor or lay person, you can expect us to serve you with excellence and conviction. We will treat you and your people as you would want them treated - with a servants heart.

We customize to fit your needs and your direction. You will not find cookie cutter approaches here. You will discover insight and wisdom that can quickly assess where you are and then lead to get you where you want to be.