Winning Truth Ministries
Monday, October 25, 2021

What Pastors Are Saying…

We take serious the ministry that God has entrusted to us.  Here is just a sampling of what some have said.  If you should need more in the way of references, do not hesitate to call these or call us and we will provide you with a complete list of references and the complete letters for the following statements:

Christ Church - Nashville, Tennessee  - Pastor L.H. Hardwick, Jr.    "...this campaign was by far the most successful.  Our people embraced this approach wholeheartedly.  It is with great confidence that I give EKKLESIA essentials my highest recommendation."

First Baptist Church - Pampa Texas  "EKKLESIA essentials capital campaign program is without question the very best for a church. No high-pressure techniques to upset the people. No slick salesman approaches to turn anyone off. Instead, you will get solid Bible teaching. Bible truth preached with fervor, enthusiasm, and power.  In short, I have simply found EKKLESIA essentials to be sensitive church leaders, great Bible teachers, and experienced and highly skilled church promoters. They are the best as capital campaign leaders. Their campaign program is without peer. Earnestly put—I will never use anyone else.

Immanuel Baptist Church - Wichita, Kansas - Pastor Terry Fox    "...under the leadership of EKKLESIA essentials we have seen an increase of approximately $1 million per year for the ministries."

Highland Terrace Baptist Church - Greenville, Texas   "...if you are planning any kind of Stewardship Campaign in the near future, let me recommend EKKLESIA essentials to your church.  We will call EKKLESIA essentials again, they are biblical and approach the campaign with a Pastor's heart."

Whitesburg Baptist Church - Pastor Darryl Craft
 "...Thank you for your clear biblical teaching and guidance.  If I were to describe your ministry in one word, it would be the word Integrity!  EKKLESIA essentials began with biblical integrity in it's content and was permeated with personal integrity from your organization.  I look forward to future opportunities to utilize the expertise of EKKLESIA essentials."

Friendly Baptist Church - Tyler, Texas - Pastor Dale Perry   " is with great confidence that I recommend EKKLESIA essentials.  With the knowledge and skills of those affiliated with the organization and the proven success in our church, I can assure you we will be using them again in the future.."

Pastor Philip Nordstrom   "...I believe that EKKLESIA essentials godliness, their professionalism, and their price make them the best in their field.”