Winning Truth Ministries
Monday, October 25, 2021

Our Team

EKKLESIA essentials exists to serve the local church, pastors and staff in the area of stewardship development and church coaching.  We have led over 1200 successful capital fund campaigns in churches throughout America.  In addition, our team has coached, taught, led seminars, and preached in churches of all sizes sharing the biblical principles of stewardship, leadership, and ministry development. We have walked the walk in ministry with churches of all sizes. We are Pastors who assist Pastors, churches and ministries having learned from years of doing ministry of all facets.
You will find the staff of EKKLESIA essentials to be friendly, ministry minded, authentic, and available. God has blessed EKKLESIA essentials with a team that has successful track records of ministry and people development. We look forward to partnering with you and your church/ministry for your future spiritual growth and fulfillment of God's vision.

Executive Leadership Team:

  •   Tim Guthrie - Founder/President  
  •   Celeste Guthrie - Preschool and Children's Ministry Coaching and Space Usage/Design  
  •   Dr. Larry Cheek - Capital Campaigns and Church Coaching
  •   Alan Knucles - Capital Campaigns and Church Coaching
     This ministry builds upon the life and ministry of Dr. Bob Eklund, who was our coach, mentor, and friend.